Under Construction!!


So while I have been tweaking my website over the last year - I will be putting in a lot more effort in 2021 to get it where I want. Afterall - there's not much else I can get up to so far this year *SIGH*

I got rid of the option for online sales through my website early 2020 as all of my sales were coming through Facebook and Instagram anyway. I will continue to sell my work this way during 2021 to get a good idea if this is working.

So far I think I have only lost one sale due to not being able to purchase through this website. My site currently still lets you view work so you can decide what you would like. However, it is also allowing you to add it to your basket still - which is an error I am working on.

I am so pleased to still be able to run my small business along my full time job as a firefighter - even if it is at a slower pace.

That's all for now - any feedback or constructive feedback for my website please let me know :) stay safe!