Charity Christmas Cards

This year I have decided to make some Christmas Cards and donate half of the money made to charity.

I am still making a decision on which charity, but I will do an announcement once it has been made. I am looking into a few charities for the homeless that are based in Birmingham.

Every time I walk through the city the numbers of homeless people appear to be increasing and it is heartbreaking. I know it wont be a huge amount that will be raised by selling cards - however, I'd like to think that it will make a difference.

I have 4 designs - all printed in red, but requests for different colours can be made. The majority have been printed on square cards but I have done a few on tall/rectangle cards for those who prefer them.

They will be priced at £1.50 each - 75p from each card sold will go to charity.

I will be selling bundles of 8 cards for £10 (saving £2!) and still 75p from each card will go to charity.

They are live on my website but you can also drop me an email/message to buy from me directly to avoid postage fees!