Change is good :)

So as we are fast approaching Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallerys SECOND birthday - I have been doing a lot of thinking.

Two years is a long time to reflect back on the early thoughts and processes that were put in place way back in August/September 2014.

The whole two years have been a massive learning experience for me and I am still learning, adapting and evolving with each month.

My business model is constantly being reviewed and minor details being looked into too.

With that being said - you may have noticed some of my social media accounts have changed name to 'Black Sheep Arts'.

I am still going to be known as Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery for a little while, however, Black Sheep Arts seemed to make more sense.

When I was originally setting up - I was probably a little niave and hoped for a quick result with opening up an art gallery. It is going to be a long process, one of which I will keep trying. But being know as a 'Studio & Art Gallery' was getting exhausting - having to keep explain that it is all online and pop up until I can get a property. I felt it was a little misleading.

The name Black Sheep Arts opens up it to more possibilities. I can still open a gallery and studio but I can also be mobile, be online, collaborate, include others - ANYTHING! :) It is a more flexible name which is what I need with such a flexible business model.

So over the next few months my branding will gradually change name - I am in no rush as I feel my branding is quite strong and recognisable, so I will make a gentle transition into my new brand.

I hope you all like it, even though it isn't a massive change, I felt it needed to be done, and it would be lovely to hear some feedback!