Art of the Month

So this year I fancy a change. Each month I will blog about a type of art or a medium used to make art, instead of an artist.

This month of course has to be Print Making.

Very recently I started to make some of my own lino prints. The last time I had made some of these was in secondary school! I was influenced and inspired by the Warhol/Morris exhibition I visited last year. On display were some screen prints by Warhol and large wooden blocks Morris used for printing.

Now it had been some time since I made a lino print, so it took me a while to get my head around the process. You remove the parts you dont want any ink or colour to go on. (and you must remember it will be backwards, in case you do any text in your prints!)

Since making a couple of prints, I have rediscovered my love for it but also been opened up to the sheer amount of printmakers out there! I have been sharing my progress and asking for advice on Instagram and each time I get lots of likes and encouragment from fellow printmakers! Even searching the term 'printmaking' on there right now brings up thousands of beautiful posts.

I would love to make prints out of other materials, it's just a matter of discovering and learning about it - such as wood!I have a screen printing kit hidden away that I need to dig out too, that could be a lot of fun.

Now I am getting into the swing of things, I have lots of different ideas for different series of prints and I can't wait to make them ready to sell. Here are some experiments.

Here is my latest one, a Lily, part of a commission of 4 flowers for a hallway. All of my prints will be uploaded on my website for sale before the end of the month - so keep your eyes peeled if you are after some new artwork for your house! :)