Artist of the Month!

This months 'Artist of the Month' blog is a very special one! This one is about Tristyn Bustamante - an american friend who came to study in Wolverhampton University. She is a very busy practising artist and artist in residence at Armory Art Centre at West Palm Beach!

Whilst she was in Wolverhampton she was experimenting with large scale drawings and paintings. Her work now is predominantly made in 'stoneware clays but also porcelain, brass, copper, rubber, plastic - whatever the piece demands.'

Her most recent artist statement -

My work is an evolution of informed intuitive ideation, conscious refinement and development of form where the production of each piece, from beginning to end, emerges from in depth studies of a collection of interrelated topics of inquiry paired with material conciseness, and engaged problem solving. This current body of work, explores the nature and process of feedback loops and the functionality of systems. I consider objects such as vintage machines, the body, electronics and the processes of communication. Through an intuitive process of construction and arrangement, I create sculptures that suggest parts of or individual systems which seem to function for something. To maintain a natural/ human feel, I incorporate elements of gesture and symbolic color. An additional consideration of connections as well as entries and exits from a main form adds movement by leading to a feeling of something passing through or transmitting. The forms act as potential functioning objects mechanical, electronic or anthropomorphic and pull viewers in to question their nature or purpose. Small intimate areas with representational parts, such as dials, trigger specific ideas of known devices; while the general abstraction of the forms offer freedom for the viewers mind to wander. Ultimately, each piece is an exploration of a system involving feedback loops. They are physical snapshots or reinterpretations of a process. Ideally viewers will see interpret and consider the purpose of the objects on a deeper level than one might with any ordinary device. Perhaps then a consideration of other objects or systems may come to mind later on.

I am a massive fan of Tristyns work. It has always fascinated me and been a massive inspiration on my own organic sculptural work!

When asked 'how do you come up with ideas and what are they?'

"I say informed intuitive process......Study - digest - develop goals (2-3) - draw intuitively while meeting goals and reflecting on what was studied- drawings become sculptures where more concise choice is made than intuitive- finishing details are sometimes predetermined but not always. I read and study topics of interest dealing with feedback loops, theories and objects dealing with systems and I look at machines, the human body (gesture/ movement) and any man made system that deals with feedback or pathways/ transmission.. so complex piping, electrical objects etc.. I'm still trying to understand how to express so much within the work while not over complicating so its been a process of building up I try to make them look as though they could function for something or as though they are kind of contained system while also keeping a human/ gestural element. I play with movement, color, texture, balance and blending of materials."

Here is her website for more stunning images of her work and a bit about what she is up to.