Artist of the Month

So this months 'Artist of the Month' blog is the wonderful Matt Gorman!

If you have visited my website or any of my craft stalls you will already be familiar with Matts work. He has a very unique style so you can spot his work a mile off!

Matt creates skilful, original, one off pieces of art by utilising layers of hand cut, coloured paper. As a figurative Artist - Matt specialises in the representation of contemporary portraiture through the art of paper cutting, with a focus on the aesthetic quality.

The works Matt produces are called Paper Cut Portraits. Each work typically consists of five to ten layers of paper. He begins with the lightest colour at the bottom of the piece and finishes with the darker colour on the top. Each layer of paper is meticulously cut out by hand and then fixed, layer upon layer, to complete each portrait. On close inspection one can see the finished work has become a relief portrait,the material has been raised above the background plane.

Matt is inspired by movies and in particularly cult classic movies. He is interested in the way in which these movies stand the test of time and this is a major factor that tries to incorporate within the aesthetics of my practice.

So far we have sold his stunning portrait of Frank Sinatra and we still have the beautiful Marilyn and the timeless Scarface for sale!

Matts portfolio can be viewed online at and he also takes commissions :)