Up Coming Crafts Stalls!

Hi Everyone! It has been a little while since I last blogged. Have been busy behind the scenes. Will have lots of lovely new work on the website soon :)

The next place you can find Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery is going to be the 4th October at Sarehole Mill – with Flying Teapot Events. I know it seems like a while away - but it will soon creep up on us!

It was such a lovely day on the 2nd of August – met lots of wonderful people. Hopefully will see you all on the 4th October.

*click the photo below for a video showing the lovely products for sale*

I have also been busy trying to organize where to be at Christmas. Hopefully I will be at Sarehole Mill. It is only my second Christmas trading at craft stalls. My first one was at Kings Heath and this year I wanted to find somewhere different just so I can compare it.

I am pleased to announce I will be trading at the Highbury Hall for their Christmas Markets! I will be joining them on the Saturday 28th November. How weird to be thinking about Christmas this early but also very exciting. This is all still a massive learning curve for me so I am really looking forward to this.

Too soon?? :)

Coming soon is our ‘Artist of the Month’ Blog :)