New Artists!

Happy August everyone!

At Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery we have had a couple of new artists join! And it's finally time to tell you about them! :)

We have the lovely Deborah Stone! I was at both Wolverhampton University - and the SPEED Plus project with Deb. Her work employs traditional and digital techniques to explore memory through association. The photograph becomes a drawing board where space, light and mark making are a bridge to the historic arguments of superiority in media. The juxtaposition of monumental and intimate formats serve as tools to study how our mind recalls details, environments, locations or haptic qualities, which trigger impressions that once shaped our lives.

I am selling some of her cards for her here is one of them.

TravelSikh is Satvinder Sehmbey, whom I met at a networking event if I am correct and loved his work instantly. Satvinder Sehmbey is a critically acclaimed photographer who travels the world capturing images of cultures which inspire others to 'Learn the Art of Travel'. The concept behind his company ‘TRAVELSIKH’ is to inspire everyone to 'Learn the Art of Travel’ by sharing his experiences from his doorstep to beyond, through photography and the written word. As well as exhibiting his photography in print and online, he has also shared his learning experiences through podcast interviews and regular talks, to inspire others to embark on the journey of self discovery through travel.

and finally Kanj who has been introduced to me through Deborah Stone. Kanj has bright, beautiful art work and I have some of her felt brooches on sale.

I had their work out for the first time on Sunday at another wonderful craft stall by Flying Teapot Events. Here is a snippet from the day!

Because of the Tolkien event at Sarehole Mill - I will be next trading there on the 4th October. If I have anymore stalls inbetween I will update :)

And dont forget to post any crafts/creative goings on that you get up to in our event for the month - Arty August!

Thats's all for now! If you've seen anything on one of the craft stalls that isn't on the website - get in touch! :)