Artist of the month!

So for Julys edition of Artist of the month we are going to be looking at the wonderful work of Satvinder Sehmbey - commonly known as TravelSikh.

Satvinder Sehmbey is a critically acclaimed photographer who travels the world capturing images of cultures which inspire others to 'Learn the Art of Travel'.

The concept behind his company ‘TRAVELSIKH’ is to inspire everyone to 'Learn the Art of Travel’ by sharing his experiences from his doorstep to beyond, through photography and the written word.

As well as exhibiting his photography in print and online, he has also shared his learning experiences through podcast interviews and regular talks, to inspire others to embark on the journey of self discovery through travel.

His exhibition which is currently at 6/8 Kafe by Great Western Arcade in Birmingham. This is a lovely little cafe to escape the hustle and bustle of Brum and the photographs transport you to Cuba.

The photographs have personlity and really capture the exciting, colouful culture of Cuba. If you get chance to go and see the exhibition - do head down.

Here are some examples of his fantastic photographs -

You can check out more of his work here:

Podcast Interview here: