June - a month of very little art!

This month - with out a doubt has been the first month this year I have seen so little art. It hasn't been on purpose but I also don't think it is a terrible thing.

I have had a couple of mini breaks away around the UK this month and taken the time to relax - unwind and recharge the batteries!

I have seen some beautiful scenery on my travels this month and don't feel any less inspired for having not gone round an art exhibition this month. Inspiration pops up in different places and when you least expect it.

For this reason I am going to be posting a snippet of inspiration for every day of July.

Each day I will post to the Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery Facebook and Twitter with a photograph, video, article, phrase - Anything! Just something that has inspired me that day.

I would really like it if you could join in! Feel free to post to the Facebook and Twitter something that has inspired you - and lets make July the Month of Inspiration!

P.S Don't forget you can find us at Sarehole Mill THIS SUNDAY - 5th July from 10.30- 4pm as part of Flying Teapot Events!