Artist of the Month

Sorry I have been quiet as of late. It has been almost a month since I have blogged last. I have been busy trying to organize behind the scenes of Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery, tightening up on my admin and also trying to get some crafts stalls confirmed (which is proving harder than last year unfortunately!)

I have also been thinking a lot about you lot! Yes you! I want to know - what it is you want to be reading about? Is ‘Artist of the Month’ a good read or would you rather find out about upcoming exhibitions, books, processes or anything else? Please let me know I would like to know what interests you as a reader!!!

On that note – Artist of the Month –

This month I was going to write about Andy Warhol & William Morris because I was so inspired by the exhibition at BMAG. But I decided to go back to basics and remember why I got into both of these artists!

During my studies I did probably more reading than making and along the way I was introduced to an amazing book called Chromophobia by David Batchelor!


At the time of reading this I was exploring colour and the use of colour in space. I was making installations and 3dimensional organic shaped work with colour inside or on the back of the work reflecting out onto the surrounding area.


My favourite quote to come from this book is actually from another great artist Donald Judd and it is on my website –
'The achievement of Pollock and the others meant that the century's development of colour could continue no further on a

flat surface...Colour, to continue, had to occur in space.'

David Batchelor is a popular artist whose most familiar work is probably those of sculptural installations from objects found in the streets of London, hollowed, stacked and given a new life as empty but brightly coloured light boxes or as unlit composites.


If you are in anyway interested in the use of colour in art or space I recommend this book highly!!

Until next time folks!

And please let me know any topics you’d like to see covered in my blog!