Artist of the Month!

It's that time again - it's Artist of the Month time!

This is a short but sweet one as I haven’t seen the artists work yet but I already intrigued.

I have followed The Tate on Facebook for quite some time and have usually skimmed through articles they have posted but one of their most recents posts really stood out to me this month. They have a new exhibitor on called Christina Mackie – who I don’t think I have ever heard of or seen her work before but it is in my ‘work to see for 2015’!

I really want to try and take a trip to London whilst this exhibition is still on.


From what I have read Christina Mackie’s work explores colours and pigments in a state of fluidity. In the Tate she has hung large dipped silk nets that are suspended above pans of semi-crystalised dye. I imagine it is a very beautiful exhibition contrasting silks with crystals forming at the bottom, bringing the motion of the silk to a stand-still.

In the essay to coincide her solo show in the University of Chicago Colour drop -April 27 - June 29, 2014

This little snippet seems to sum up why I have such a fascination with her work:

For visual artists, color is the subject of theory, but in an empirical sense. One experiments with color not to understand its rules but its possibilities as concrete, tangible matter on the one hand, and as a perceptual phenomenon on the other. Mackie’s interest in color is somewhat para-doxical insofar as her decision to abandon painting should have been synonymous with abandoning color.


It seems as though she is as fascinated with colour just as much as myself. My two key books when studying were ‘Chromophobia’ by David Batchelor and ‘Painting as an interdisciplinary art form’ which was written by my Lecturer Alistair Payne. This was more about the fluidity of painting as an art practice but colour was interlinked in this book.

If you are studying or just interested in colour and painting and pushing the boundaries of painting I highly recommend those two books!

If anyone else recommends any similar books or artists to research let us know! :)

Until next month!