Six Months on....

So this blog is a mini update of how things are going at Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery!

It has been just over six months since I started this business venture, and have now renewed artists contracts to carry on selling with us for another six months! :)

I must admit since finishing the SPEED Plus course and being left to my own devices things have slowed down considerably - but definitely not come to a stand still!

I have asked Linda Saunders (previous director of The Public) to be a consultant/mentor for me, I have attended and plan on attending several networking events and am also VERY lucky to have several people around me also setting up or running their own business'. If it wasn't for all of these people around me I would have lost motivation a long time ago.

Being in the same boat as others helps massively!

Three of us from mac (myself, Faye and Grace)- who also have our own businesses- have decided to meet every month and tell each other our goals for the next few weeks. By telling these pair, I feel as if I am letting them down by not doing the work - it is incredibly motivating!

Faye, who runs X-press Yourself Dance and From This Dance Forward, is also inviting me to a networking event soon that she regularly attends! Very exciting!

This month I have managed to get my postcards for sale at mac Birmingham as well as live on my website and have taken my bags in to be embroidered.

My bags and postcards are also for when I begin to set up either a crowdfunding or kickstarter for my business. I'm not keen on those projects that ask for money for nothing. I want to be able to give supporters gifts for their contributions. (when I eventually get round to setting this up!)

I have also secured a place on the Kings Heath market in May which I am really looking forward to. My last one was in December which was SO very cold.

April will focus on getting all work uploaded to the shop sections of my website - now I have renewed contracts with everyone I know what I am selling.

I am also looking for any tips or advice to stay (or get!) motivated with my business in hard times. It has been a struggle the past few weeks to find the time and energy to get working on my business after finishing my shift at work - so all advice welcome!

That's all for now - just thought I would post a little update :)

Have a good April everyone!