Artist of the Month - Wendy Hughes

Our 'Artist of the Month' this month is an artist called Wendy Hughes and I am pleased to say she is joining Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery!

I studied at Wolverhampton University with Wendy for our BA in Fine Art. Wendy is a West Midlands based British artist whose work is heavily inspired by happy memories and experiences from the world around her. Her creative passion was highly influential in her decision to take a degree in Fine Art. Wendy successfully went on to achieve a First Class Honours degree in BSc (Hons) Fine Art and showcased her signature conceptual painting 'Under Amsterdam' at The Mailbox, Birmingham.

Wendys exhibition 'Under Amsterdam', to me, symbolized reflection both literally and conceptually. The 'painting' portrayed the reflections of lights cast in the canals in Amsterdam, on highly reflective black perspex and it was about those memories and reflecting back to the time in Amsterdam. Being able to see yourself in the works of art adds an interesting twist to the artwork. For me personally, as I have been to Amsterdam, it was a very encompassing piece of artwork, I was drawn in to it, swapping between the reflection of myself in the Amsterdam painting and the memories of the lights cast on the water when over there.


When talking about her works Wendy says :

"We encounter and infinite number of important little experiences everyday. Whether it's kissing our loved ones goodbye before work, or getting our gladrags on for a special night. All of these experiences affect each of us in different ways; some become lost in the past, and others will never be forgotten."

In her new work wendy captures these important encounters and presents them in a fun and loveable way, all of which will spark wonderful emotions to the eye of the beholder. Wendy is the creator of 'The Snugglers'. Snuggles are representations of wonderful memories throughout everyday life.

Each Snuggler has their own personal characteristics to match the individuals and narrative. With each painting a memory is recreated using Polymer-Oil and Clay allowing Snugglers to float on the surface space.

All Snuggler Paintings- Painting Size (30.5cms x 30.5cms) Framed size: 46cms x 46cms: £100

Custom Sizes: Prices to be discussed (smallest painting can be 20cms x 20cms)

website -

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