Artist of the Month

It's the second installment of Artist Of The Month! This Month’s blog coincides with my new year’s resolution of going to see art each month - very handy.

On Saturday I went to visit the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (in Leeds kind of). I have only been here once and it was years ago at uni. I do remember loving every minute though. It's combining two of my favourite things - being outside and looking at art work.

The sculpture park features at least three of the artists who have inspired my own practice. Barbara Hepworth, James Turrell and Henry Moore. (Although I admit I am not as keen on Turrells work in the sculpture park, I am more inspired by his installations with colour and light.)

One of the first pieces I came across was a lovely site specific piece by David Nash.


Looking at my own practise it is probably clear to see the influences of Hepworth and Moore. Their organic sculptures massively inspired my own practise.

In this piece by Hepworth I really enjoy the markings on the surface of the sculpture. Seeing the working out of the artist, the marks she's made to get to this finished piece.


Very different to the Miro work below with its perfectly smooth finished off surfaces, making them appear as if no man had made them.


Walking further through the park I spotted a very well camouflaged Antony Gormley.


But the main attraction for me- my artist of the month is Henry Moore. In particular a piece that I think is entitled large two forms from 1966.


Henry Moore was an English sculptor who died in 1986. He was best known for his abstract bronze sculptures which are located around the world as public works of art. Moores work is usually abstraction and depicting the human figure, for example he made reclining figures. His forms are generally pierced or contain hollow space, himself and Barbara Hepworth work with positive and negative space.

Here are some other highlights.