New Years Resolution

New Years Resolution. I tried to think of a production resolution this year - instead of giving something up, I wanted to start something. I am attempting to see (AT THE VERY LEAST) ONE new exhibition each month. I know this doesn't sound like a massive acheievement, however working full time and considering that most exhibtions have a slow turn over I think this may be a bit of a challenge. Last year I could go a few months realising I hadn't seen any new art! Starting as I mean to go on - I had a glance around the new exhibition at mac today before starting my shift.

This exhibition is called Double Take: The Koestler Exhibition for the West Midlands. The exhibition displays work from prisons, secure hospitals and young offender institutions in the West Midlands.

A very inspiring exhibition with different influences throughout the work. I spotted work inspired from cubism, pop art, pointillism. Mixed exhibitions, such as Degree shows or awarded exhibitions like Jerwood Drawing Prize tend to be more influential for me. I enjoy seeing a large variety of work at all once! The idea of this exhibition is to encourage viewers to think differently regarding ex-offenders and consider the positive contributions they can make to society. A bit controversial - which is always interesting. This is a great display of the creative minds at work in the West Midlands, and it is wonderful that they have had a chance to explore their creative talents.

Here are my best bits!