Artist of the Month

So for my first 'artist of the month' blog I am cheating a little bit and instead I am going to introduce you to the artists that I am helping to sell and exhibit their work through Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery. In no particular order....

Bec Broomhall -

Bec I met on the SPEED Plus course. She is starting her own illustration business and her style is very unique. Bec has very recently finished her website which has some of her prints on -

Aimee Hinds -

Aimee was introduced to me by my sister. There are heavy influences of steam punk and tattooing throughout her work. Aimee is very involved in the arts - volunteering and doing a degree in the arts. She also practised tattooing for a while. click here

Guy Holness -

I met through a fellow artist - Gareth Jukes. Guy Holness has experimented heavily with painting. He has travelled extensively and in the near future he is aiming to establish his own organisation that uses art as a tool to inspire people to adopt a more creative lifestyle. Check out his blog

Julie Tomkins - Julie upcycles old jewellery giving them a new lease of life in creative unique ways. She is currently looking into having a website as a platform to display and discuss her many other creative talents - such as knitting, writing and photography.

Click here

David Tomkins - David is a brilliant artist who has been practising throughout his life and even studied in art. He mainly works in screen printing and painting, however for his degree he created an installation. click here

Grace Page - Grace is a fellow mac employee who is a based in the Jewellery Quarter. She is a successful jewellery maker and her contemporary jewellery is inspired by the melancholy sight of abandoned and long forgotten books. She had her work in the new library of Birmingham recently as part of a Shakepeare exhibtion. For more -

Matt Gorman - Matt is another fellow mac employee. Matthew Gorman creates skillful, orginal, one off pieces of art by utilising layers of hand cut, coloured paper. Matthew also creates unique portraits available upon request.

Belinda Maria Longsden - I met Belinda at Wolverhampton University whilst studying BA FINE ART. Belinda and her friend Jen, opened up their own gallery and both have continued with creative projects since. Belinda is working a new project lately called White Bee Gallery Campervan.

Jo - Patternorium - I met Jo on the SPEED Plus course. As a fellow creative mind it made sense to work together. Jo has set up her own business called Patternorium. She deisgns beautful unique patterns. Jo also made jewellery previously, some of which included her original artwork.

Becky Healey - Becky is another fellow SPEED Plus-er. Becky has also set up her own business called One Frame Photography. Becky provides a professional photographic service for individuals, couples and families who want to capture and keep their special moment

Joanne Sutton - Recommended to me by Becky, Jo Sutton was a gem waiting to be discovered. She makes a wide variety of textiles crafts, from pillow cases, to advent calendars - to washing up liquid bottle aprons! Her work is very creative and high quality. click here

LSG Designs - After spotting Tishs design work through facebook I had to get in touch. Tish has a very unique style which makes her work stand out. LSG Designs is again a new and upcoming business and I am lucky enough to showcase the work made

And the newest addition

Sarah Stokes -

I spotted Sarahs work up in two places in Wolverhampton and mentioned in passing that I liked her work to Belinda. Belinda is a friend of Sarahs and luckily introduced me to her. Sarahs work is outstanding, again another artist with a unqiue style that you can spot as soon as you see a piece of her work. I am glad to be sharing Sarahs work in Birmingham as it hasn't yet been showcased here. To browse her prints and paintings click here -

Next month (or later this month) I will be writing about an artist who has continued to influence my practise. Let me know who influences your practise the most - or who you have recently discovered!