Happy New Year


New year, new start and all that jazz. Hope everyone is feeling refreshed after Christmas and ready and rearing for the new year.

Thought a welcome back update would be appropriate for January.

2015 will hopefully be a very exciting year for Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery.

Black Sheep will be starting off the year relatively quietly, focusing on tidying up the website. But you can look forward to some new events this year.

Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery is already making plans to run workshops this year. I will post more updates when I have more information but there are already plans to run a workshop as part of a mini arts festival early this year! Exciting times!

To keep everyone entertained though, I am thinking of making a monthly blog about a new or old artist that has inspired me that month and a bit about their work or the artist.

Feel free to chip in - all suggestions welcome as I am always interested in exploring new or old art work I have not seen yet! And say which work of theirs has inspired your own.

That's all for now, hope everyone has had a productive and crafty Christmas and will post soon with my 'Artist of the Month'!