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Happy Birthday to Black Sheep Arts. Four years ago I decided to set up my own business and have loved every minute. It has gone so quickly!!

This last year has been a rollercoaster for me and Black Sheep Arts. I worked my butt off behind the scenes to get my dream job o...


Some of you may already be aware - but I am now back selling my work at the wonderful Shop in the Square WOOHOO!!

If you have never been there before - it is a wonderful little shop in Wolverhampton absolutely FULL to the brim of handmade goodies. You can find the perfe...


I know I've been a bit quiet this year - but I bring exciting news. While I've been behind the scenes fine tuning my business and my art work, I have confirmed two dates for Christmas Craft Stalls!

This year I can be found at Selly Manor & Highbury Hall with lots of oth...


Black Sheep Arts is 3 today!

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since the day I registered my business and started trading. I dont think I would have ever been able to do it if it weren't for Wolverhampton University, the SPEED Plus project and all the wonderful, ins...


This year I have decided to make some Christmas Cards and donate half of the money made to charity.

I am still making a decision on which charity, but I will do an announcement once it has been made. I am looking into a few charities for the homeless that are based in B...


I cannot believe it is already two years since I registered my business!!!

A couple of days ago I was sat in the very pub where it all began.

Two years ago today I had filled in my business plan ready for my SPEED Plus application - all but the name. I was sat in a pub...


I know - I know! It is ONLY September. However, I bought my first Christmas present for someone last week and thought I would assemble a handy gift guide supporting local artists. Here are my top 10 gift ideas:


1. For the friend who you know you need to buy something s...


SO the fantastic folks at Night Tracks are helping to support Black Sheep Studio & Art Gallery!!! :)


If you don't know them - they are an amazing record label and this is what they have to say.....


"So, we've been hinting at a new release for a while now, and here we a...


As some of you already may know - City of Colours - the Birmingham Street Art Festival, has been postponed from September this year until Summer next year. So unfortunately I will not be trading on the 5th September anymore. I am really looking forward to participating...

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